For more than 200 years RHANDERS have been at the forefront with innovation that can improve our gloves and thereby protect and dress your hands for all kinds of weathers and situations. 

The latest innovation is an anti-bacterial treatment – for both textile and leather gloves.

During the last 6 months RHANDERS have worked together with Micro-Fresh ® in developing and testing the optimal solutions and features for their gloves. They are now ready with gloves that prevent bacteria on your hands and thereby protect your health.


Micro-Fresh ® was developed by Byron Dixon, who has worked in the leather industry as a technician for 20 years, including in Denmark at ECCO as responsible for developing the finish for all their leather.

He founded Micro-Fresh ® in 2006 to solve one of the problems he often found in his work; preventing the growth of mould on leather and products in transit. While solving this problem, he also found that Micro-Fresh ® had additional properties that prevent odour and kills pathogenic bacteria.

Since then Micro-Fresh ® has won numerous awards for their ground-breaking innovation, and has worked with world’s leading brands such as John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Emirates in incorporating Micro-Fresh ® into their products.

While Micro-Fresh ® has been used in shoes, bed sheets and homeware, this is the first time to be used in gloves.

RHANDERS was introduced to Micro-Fresh ® by a fellow ECCO friend, and since then the relationship has bloomed and grown with the common mission of providing fresh, healthy and innovative products to our customers.


Micro-Fresh ® is an innovative and invisible technology that is tanned into the glove-leather at the tanneries, and incorporated into the cotton and textile gloves at the glove atelier in RHANDERS.

Micro-Fresh ® properties:

  • Anti-bacterial: prevents up to 99.99% of micro-organisms and pathogenic bacteria
  • Eco-friendly: OEKO-TEX Standard 100. Approved in all 4 classes I-IV. European BPR Registered
  • Hypo allergenic: Certified DMF free and free from restricted substances and SVHCs
  • Effective for the useful lifetime of the product: maintains anti-bacterial properties beyond 50 washes for textile gloves, and stays in the leather for lifetime.


While all gloves protect your hands, the Micro-Fresh ® treated gloves give you an additional protection from germs and bacteria. You can use the gloves as you normally use our gloves. 

  • The protective features stay within the gloves during use, even in rain and wet weather.
  • Effective wash of our white cotton PROTECTIVE TRAVEL GLOVES are achieved even at low temperatures of 30°C
  • We recommend that you have a few different gloves to switch between during the week
  • The gloves are treated with Micro-Fresh ® formula on the inside, to prevent the growth of pathogens and keep bacteria away from your hands. 



For the springtime, you can get the light cotton gloves, which are worn by the Queen’s Royal Guard, with Micro-Fresh ®, as well as our one-size driving gloves, Frederik one-size and Diana one-size.

For Summer and Autumn, new development is on its way, which we will keep you updated on.